Saturday, 5 October 2019

The Sing Quartet - A re-creation myth

In our beginning was the word,
Neanderthals evolved to men

A sense of 'I', of good and bad
of past and future, where and when

The word was different East and West
The word was bent to power drives

So many wars, Yes ... we know best
and warped ideas wrecking lives


I heard a song that side-stepped words
with harmonies to heal and soothe

Foundations made of 'vocal ease'
Epiphany composed of 'Oo'

The song was sung in every land
both men and women smiled and wept

the boys and girls all danced and played
A perfect end - The Sing Quartet

Copyright Peter Fairbrother March 2012 

 Tags:  meaningful poems, songs of hope, spirit, singing

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