Friday, 18 October 2019

Calling - poem

4/4 //Am C / F Dm / Am / Am C G Em //

I cannot show you the unicorn's home,
Though I really wish that I could.
I'd always searched near forest or copse
I'd been led to believe that I should.

Near despair, I knew I was lost,
Having thought I was lost for years.
Then I said 'God help me', an agnostic's curse,
I felt so very close to tears.

I walked to the sea, fell into the waves,
Not thinking in reason, I couldn't.
And that's when I saw it, the unicorn swims:
It doesn't care if it shouldn't.

Tags: poems, meaningful poems, lyrics, freedom,

Copyright Peter Fairbrother - 2004


  1. Most excellent. Did I know you in 2004? I don't remember.

  2. It's likely. The humor links fiction began before poems, I think.


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