Sunday, 13 October 2019

Environmental Rage - poem

Piggies in Spacesuits

my turn - to see the Earth
to feel her pulse, to smell her breath

just in time - to catch her smile
to walk upon her for a while


the Witless Ones - dash to and fro
glued to fashion – friend or foe
forever fleeing ...

chase illusions - in a whirl
  trampling the Soul - the World
never seeing ...


take turns – to see the Earth
to feel her pulse, to smell her breath

make time – to feel her breathe
communal healing through the leaves


the Witless Ones - breed and blather
grasp and gobble – in a lather
never heeding ...

reading commandments – on a screen
Gimme! Mine! - Hear them scream
force feeding ...


about turn – recall the Earth
I felt her pulse, I smelt her death

Tags: poems, meaningful poems, Gaia, environment, spirit, consumerism,


  1. Who needs an environment?...there's a 60 inch lcd tv on sale at Sprawlmart!! Oh, and bring your gun..just in case someone takes the last tv before you get there. One bullet and the tv is's the American way!!!

  2. Unknown, you are the master of satire. You remind me of the famous cartoonist Lord Montague Downs of Hill Annoy


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