Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Genetic Modification on Planet Soddem - poem

verse // C / F C / C / G C //
variation (*) // Am / Dm Am / Am / Em G C //
In Soddem Hall, in times gone by,
King Edward Spudd did reign.
A wealthy chap with just one snag:-
Potato for a brain.

He carved up all the common land
And gave it to his kids.
The other Soddems had to leave,
King Ed re-named them 'chips.'

Some chips they worked extremely hard
Aspired to Eddy's fame.
And after many years had passed
Forgot from whence they came.

Death duties were invented though,
In more enlightened days.
'To limit inequality,'
Or so the history says.

The Spudds responded with a will,
Got married to each other.
They didn't seem to worry
  That one's Aunty was one's mother.

The inter-breeding had a price:-
Although they'd lots to spend,
Their wedding tackle ceased to work,
Now they're extinct,
The end.

Copyright Peter Fairbrother - 2003
Tags: poems, funny, pathological wealth, lyrics,  satire,

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