Tuesday, 8 October 2019

pencil versus paper - short funny poems

Short funny poems

The Pencil versus the Paper

Said the pencil to the paper

You have excess self-esteem

You've ideas above your station

You think 'white' equates to 'clean.'

You can talk, you leaden pencil

I'll remind you without doubt

When you say what I dislike, then

My eraser rubs it out.

That's what you say, Mr. Paper

But stop acting like a toff

You're recycled as a loo roll

My, that is a nasty cough!

Cross your legs, here comes the sharpener

I can watch you get the point!

Blow your shavings in the refuse

'Cos I like a tidy joint.

We are due a truce, old buddy

See this electronic gear?

It's a palm top news-feed reader

We're consigned to yesteryear.

Pencil, paper, blade and rubber

Simple tools for simple folk

Helped an ape evolve to Socrates

Try it, give your brain a poke!

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