Wednesday, 30 October 2019

The Skylark - poem

As high as a reverie
As small as a speck
To glimpse it at all
One must lie on the deck

As brief as an inkling
As fleet as a fawn
Everlasting, yet new
Aspiring since dawn

It sings 'All is well'
So far above ground
It sang 'All is well'
Even when it looked down

To the huge armoured lizard
Tearing thigh from the bone
While the previous owner
Crept crippled for home

It's as bright as a bell
And it rings in this sky
It's as light as a breath
And it sings us alive

As perfect as marble
As fertile as earth
As maudlin as gravestones
As healing as mirth

The bird has a vision
Sustaining it so
And contrasts with the frenzy
We witness below

The peculiar version of
'Staying alive'
Of the bull dinosaurs
On the M25

It sings 'All is well'
Even when it looks down
It sang 'All is well'
And never a frown
It sang 'All is well'
Wherever it flew
It sings 'All is well'
Because up there, it's true

Tags: poems, nature, meaningful


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