Monday, 14 October 2019

Who Do You Serve? poem

(A song exploring the ups and downs of : confidence, doubt, illusion, motive, hope ... )

There's a strapping young man on the building site
with a custom truck and the latest tools
he's good at his work and as big as a house
he commands respect; nobody's fool

the world in his palm
note the swagger and charm
but who do you serve?

There's a good-looking lass in the up-town gym
everyone wants to please her; everyone knows her name
she has oodles of charm; she's fit; she's slim
her smile says she knows it; she's controlling the game

the world in her palm
note the swagger and charm
but who do you serve?

See the scribe at his laptop, picking fault with the herd
publish on-line for the whole world to mug
maybe there'll be music; more chance to be heard
guitars, synths and drums - the adrenaline drug

the world in his lap
beware of the trap
who do you serve?

Tags:  poems satire funny meaningful  psychology


  1. Where we invest our energy, and why. Psychology meets spirit

  2. When will we hear a recording of this song? ~~I have a neighbor who uses his leaf blower while there are strong winds blowing. He must consider it a personal battle. :)

  3. Good idea - maybe a rap? Could you get a recording of his leaf blower - or maybe a video, during a gale!


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