Monday, 4 November 2019

all I need is a room somewhere - convert a van

Tibestian Book of the Undead - part 3

all I need is a room somewhere

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I've been diverted from my reminiscence - the Napoleonic wars - by today's news. though it is related.

Apparently foreigners have been investing dirty money in property (hardly news, is it?) in the UK, especially in London, as investments.
UK property no safe haven for 'dirty money'

They could care less whether they find tenant/victims to exploit, so long as the price (not value) keeps going up.

This calls to mind the song 'All I need is a room somewhere'. It would take about a month to build one, or a week to convert a suitably large old van, but the powers that be would rather we spent our whole lives in debt, as cogs in a machine that they devise.
housing debt

This catastrophe was probably inevitable since the Napoleonic wars, when the Rothschilds invented insider-dealing and were extravagantly rewarded for their crime.

The most important room in anyone's life is their body. It's the room your soul and mind inhabit. The body needs one decent room for its own comfort, security and nurturing.

It feels like half the population is trapped into a mortgage-for-life due to the very rich inflating house prices. The others are either trapped in rented (the buy to enslave phenomena) or in 'social' housing that, in the long term, creates utter dependency on Mother state: learned helplessness.

It's hardly surprising that the few that create their own homes in converted vans engender such irrational loathing and anger in the idle rich, as they desperately try to suppress their guilt.

Marty's addition:

Pathological Wealth has monopolised housing so that young people are trapped in rented slavery, preferably for 'life'. The radical solution is for youngsters to convert a large van to live in, then you can save your wages for a better home.

P.S. part 1 of the Tibestian Book of the Undead

homeless people need empathy

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