Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Morpheen discovers the FurryTypes

Morpheen changed shape into a large elastic sphere as its vehicle entered the atmosphere.

At first it was a rough ride, as the atmosphere thickened and the vehicle rapidly lost speed. Then the noise and buffeting calmed, and Morpheen slimmed its sphere and extruded limbs.

It settled into a seat by the primary console and morphed the vehicle into a parachute shape to stabilise the descent, then turned its monitor to the planet below, to learn what aerial vehicles, if there were any, looked like.

There was such a variety that Morpheen resorted to lateral thinking and made the ship transparent. Decisions on its ultimate shape could wait until they landed ...

Morpheen had adopted the shape of the mammals, and used lensing to give the illusion of its being a similar size. It squat on its hind legs amongst the thorny low bushes, the other mammals seeming unconcerned now it had matched their scent. The mammals were mostly preoccupied with eating vegetation, but one or two shared its interest in the activities below, the other side of a small river.

There was a lot of honking noises and movement of metal boxes on wheels along a path into a rectangular area. The metal boxes seemed to be parking there and two-legged automatons moved towards the huge black sphere. The sphere and and rectangular area of metal boxes was surrounded by a high construction of silvery threads on vertical posts, which looked like a barricade of some sort. It seemed unlikely to be keeping the automatons in, as they entered the rectangle without any obvious coercion.

When the rectangle was nearly full of metal boxes, the automatons moved more quickly towards the black cube. They all went inside through some sort of doorway. The last few seemed panicky, and apt to gaze at the end of their upper limb as they sped towards the cube.

A large white rectangle on the side of the building displayed symbols which suddenly changed from 7.59 to 8.00 and a mechanical noise was broadcast over the landscape. The doorway, if such it was, closed, and all went quiet.

Morpheen mimmicked the behaviour of its fellow 'furrytypes' using its tongue to smooth its fur. The furrytypes clearly were mammalian and Morpheen wondered whether to assume the characteristics of male or female.  It would keep its options open for now.

It miked the noises of the furrytypes and transmitted them to its ship for analysis. As yet there was no discernible conclusions about their audible language, though body language was fairly clear and simple.

Morpheen copied the furrytypes and re-ate some partially digested vegetation that they had excreted. It felt distinctly queasy adopting this behaviour, albeit only mimicking, but chemical analysis from the ships computers had already identified bacterial action improving the nutritional protein analysis of the excrement, compared to the original vegetation.

Remote analysis of the residue discarded by one of the automatons revealed that they too were mammals, not machines after all.

The furrytypes were clearly much happier than the pseudo automatons, hence wiser, but didn't ridicule them. They did seem keen to keep away from the pseudo-automatons and their habitation.

Morpheen felt the twinge of a repressed thought. It's scientific education wouldn't permit such escapism, so it braced itself for the discomfort:

The furrytypes are not very bright. Not even a little bit

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