Wednesday, 27 November 2019

Pyro Techniques - poem

Pyro Techniques

In days of old
When nights were cold
Soap operas weren't invented

We'd nought to do
But watch the flames
Mysteriously contented

The babble stops
The third eye lives
The world of dreams is real

No walls persist
Nor macho fist
It's possible to feel

The Teflon shrug
Is warmed away
There's no need to elude

The guilt and joy
That serves to cook
The soul's essential food

The growing pains
An aching heart
Don't need doctor's prescriptions

Maybe one room
Your own world - free
Of media distractions

There's no cliche
You're forced to say
No parroting of fame

There's only you
What more d'you want?
Welcome - inner flame

Tags:  poems, meaningful poems, dreams, spirit

© Peter Fairbrother   @pjforguk

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