Tuesday, 26 November 2019

what NOT to eat for health

There have been lots of stories in the news about the recent health & wellbeing news benefits of certain foods, a recent example being the  anthocyanin content in sweet potatoes.
Mediterranean diet pyramid

The good news for Brits, where sweet potatoes are difficult to grow, is that, if you believe the chart on a recent BBC documentary (it is so informative, they really ought to post them to YouTube) Strawberries have about 3 times as much, blackberries about 5 times, and blackcurrants (really) about 15 times as much anthocyanin.

This is likely to start another craze for changing one's diet, but the fact remains that people's health is most compromised by what they fail to REMOVE from their diet:

Salt, saturated fats, sugar, refined carbohydrates in excess.

The mediterranean custom of using herbs rather than salt to 'flavour' food (salt has no flavour) works for me.

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  1. I started eating a healthy diet a month or so ago. Grain, seeds and plants. Also grilled chicken for protein. So far I've lost 25 pounds and am more active. Almonds as a snack work well for me if I get hungry between meals.

  2. 🎶 25 pounds in a month!? Well done.🌈 I like toasted seeds - currently mixing equal parts sunflower and pumpkin 😊

  3. It may have been 2 months.... :)


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