Saturday, 16 November 2019

Where inspiration comes from, and how to destroy it

It is amazing how much clearer the world looks from the top of a hill (or a castle), and it strikes me that both locations are symbolic for that reason.

I was particularly thinking of WALKING up a hill, but just walking has the desired effect, provided it is far enough from the madding crowd ...

children learn by playing - until they are ruined
Trying to solve a problem whilst walking seems a bad idea for me - I'm likely to trip over my own feet, possibly even someone else's ...

BUT! Whilst walking yesterday, happy in the sunshine, ideas just turned up, insights about things that had been on my mind though not during the walk, solutions to a seemingly self-contradictory problem. And I'd been thinking precisely nothing and making no effort during the walk.

"The Cloud of Unknowing" springs to mind (the book), as does Buddhist meditation.

I feel confident that this receptive state of mind has no place in the current education system - goal orientated, and strewn with preconceptions. No wonder children look out of the window during class. It seems such a healthy response to enforced mass production ...

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