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The Nirvana Home For Elderly Folk , funny fiction
fiction, funny, short satire stories

Consumerism and loss of soul

children, climate change, consumerism, exercise, fiction, funny, leadbyexample, political satire, quotes, satire, votewithyourwallet, wholeness, wisdom, wisdom & quotes,

Paradise Found
being, consciousness, featured, fiction, leadbyexample, mindfulness, paradise, psychology, selfcare, short satire stories, wisdom, wisdom & quotes

The Tibestian Book of the Undead
Albania, allegory, denial, exercise, fiction, France, Freud, healthyfood, psychology, queued, satire, selfcare, short satire stories, TibestianUndead, vampires

Beans Upon Toast, Little England
climate change, fiction, funny, nature, paradise, satire, short satire stories

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