The Project - Education and Consciousness promoting Wholeness

A brief overview of my interests and concerns. A couple of years regular tweeting, and a decade (really?!) blogging has made priorities clearer, and particularly so my fellow bloggers and twitter pals:)

The Goal

self knowledge, Gnosticism Awareness, Gnostic philosophy, Consciousness and Psychology is the development of self knowledge.

  wholeness  Productivity, Creativity, Caring and Awareness on the road to Wholeness.

The Foundations

healthy food  Health promoting diet; Nutritional science; Eating well on a budget.

exercise  Optimum excercise for any age. Books and video for exercise, yoga, pilates improving health, fitness and wellbeing.



 The Journey

wisdom  Education, experience, rational thought and empathic feeling as tools for developing wisdom.

  Being aware and awake to reality.

  Educational opportunities. Educational self-empowerment, Books, videos, adult education, resources, self help, learning opportunities.

  Exploring objectivity, projection, consciousness; wellbeing, books and education v alienation; consumerism and corporate manipulation.



 The Obstacles

pathological wealth
  Recreating slavery through rents and debt. Destruction of empathy through fear and control.

reinventing slavery
  Reinventing slavery through universal debt, monopoly of capital, political power and mass media.

  Consumerism. A shallow religion founded on projection and illusion.

Universal Debt
  Debt as slavery. Beating the debt trap.



 The Tools

lead by example
  Lead by example & follow only the wisest.

vote with your wallet
  Vote with your wallet: Every purchase influences the businesses and services that prosper.

social media for good
  Social media as a force for genuine democracy and real education.
empathy (& kindness)
  Listening and being awake to the experience of others.

Encouraging a fit, healthy, productive and rewarding long life.

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