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Healthy Food Posts with news, science, evidence about a healthy diet. Foods to value, and "foods" to avoid.

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Myrtle the Fertile Turtle
wholeness implies simplicity implies wholeness
Neither Here nor There - poem
How Art Therapy Helps Children With Mental Health and Communication Issues
Quick route to fitness, health: exercise
Capital for 21st Century
slowest lessons to learn

Pyro Techniques - poem
what NOT to eat for health
Multitasking is a disease of 21 st Century
Life is a Journey

Mr. Creepy - neighbourhood watch - satirical fiction
escaping reinventing slavery housing and learned helplessness
Consciousness - The World in ones Head
silver dew - poem

Multitasking is a disease of 21 st Century

Spirit in Nature - poetic Rumi

Symbolism in Lord of the Rings

 wisdom v money - Dalai Lama

 Where inspiration comes from, and how to destroy it
Desire and happiness - wisdom of Epictetus
A Ridiculous Hypothesis - Most work is an opportunity
Bad advice is freely given

 authenticity in an ailing society

 quotes to inspire
Heaven and Hell - Community Values. Diary of a non-feeding Vampire – (part 3x-b)

taking for granted - a miracle / paradise
Morpheen discovers the FurryTypes

all I need is a room somewhere - convert a van

Undead, part 2: power, freedom, denial

Eb and Flo - The Funny Pair - poems

Countess Sigmundina Freud - bosom envy ...

The Skylark - poem

Life's bin good too - song, spoof

Genetic Modification on Planet Soddem - poem

Dog training - funny poems

One World - poetry of soul, values, freedom

The Second Book of Job - poem

The Diet That Works - poems satire

3-fold prescription for complete health: Exercise, Healthy Food, sleep

Lord Montague - funny poems, aristocracy, sociology

The tragic consequences of corporate food and corporate media

Crastination - funny short story

Travels With Fear - poem

optimum excercise for middle age

eating healthy on a budget

healthy diet and poverty

The birds - satirical poems

Democracy and money. Education and SocialMedia enable poor people

Individual freedom versus corporations

organics, soul and planet

The Browsers' Indigestion - funny satirical short story

consumerism, happiness and creativity

institutions, preconceptions and collective myths

Vitamins and Minerals Overview healthy food education from the Open University

obscene wealth inequality

Calling - poem

Bilderberg and Transparency

The Nirvana Home For Elderly Folk , funny fiction

Capitalism: A Love Story

The Shortest History of Europe by John Hirst

Sally - poem

global patriotism / community

To Love All - poem

Inherited wealth - Jens Beckert

Who Do You Serve? poem

beyond religious extremism

Environmental Rage - poem

wisdom, stupidity, consciousness, biblical quote

Pentecost Sunday - poem

Pathological Wealth - and solutions

Poem - The New Coat Hangers at Church

Belief - poems of the spirit

Food, advertising and trying too hard for wellbeing

poem - It's Question Time

Eternity survived - mystical poetry

Consumerism and loss of soul

pencil versus paper - short funny poems

Crystal's Eyes poem

Boy and Girl poem

Social media for good beats corporations advertising at supporting HealthyFood diet

poem - psychology in politics

The rise and fall of Arnold Toller

The Tibestian Book of the Undead

The Attitude of Gratitude

Creativity, surveillance, stereotyping and more

useful emojis

The Sing Quartet - A re-creation myth

comic oil paintings: mad aristocrat

Beans Upon Toast, Little England

Paradise Found

For Starters - whimsical poetry

values and politics

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