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  1. Considering current affairs and human history, there is nothing more dangerous than a collective fantasy. And still the most unscrupulous aim to create them for personal gain - profit and/or power. Sigh... #education #psychology

  2. #sharing = multiplication. 😁🎨

    Thanks to , and Rabindranath Tagore 😁🎨

  3. I have a playlist 🎸🎢 on 'shuffle' mode, on YouTube. There are 297 music videos, and in the last 20 videos, one has played FIVE times. I can take a hint. #Synchronicity #music 🎸🎢

  4. More poems published today. These had all been lost in the archives of things we posted a LONG time ago ...

  5. 'A masterpiece': Norwich council houses win Stirling architecture prize Street of 105 homes hailed as high-quality architecture in its most environmentally and socially conscious form read the story

  6. Pleasant suburban walk becomes sociology / psychology lesson:

    the happiest motorist, by far, was a cyclist;

    The unhappiest was a pedestrian, being verbally abused by the driver of a huge 4x4 TonkaToy;

    Couldn't you see my hand signals?

    No, you have tinted windows, in which we (there was several onlookers) can see a perfect reflection of the sky;

    The angriest had a £30,000 4x4 TonkaToy with tinted windows, and is apparently, deaf;

    Mr TonkaToy, on the quietest, widest road for miles, chose to park on the pavement

  7. poems listing updated today 🎨 🎸 πŸ™ƒ πŸ¦‰ πŸ‘©πŸ–Œ️ - and a new story (story from yonks ago, that has been hoovered and polished, will appear tomorrow about 9.30 a.m. GMT (barring accidents) ... 🐧 🐦


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