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  1. Considering current affairs and human history, there is nothing more dangerous than a collective fantasy. And still the most unscrupulous aim to create them for personal gain - profit and/or power. Sigh... #education #psychology

  2. #sharing = multiplication. 😁🎨

    Thanks to , and Rabindranath Tagore 😁🎨

  3. I have a playlist 🎸🎢 on 'shuffle' mode, on YouTube. There are 297 music videos, and in the last 20 videos, one has played FIVE times. I can take a hint. #Synchronicity #music 🎸🎢

  4. More poems published today. These had all been lost in the archives of things we posted a LONG time ago ...

  5. 'A masterpiece': Norwich council houses win Stirling architecture prize Street of 105 homes hailed as high-quality architecture in its most environmentally and socially conscious form read the story

  6. Pleasant suburban walk becomes sociology / psychology lesson:

    the happiest motorist, by far, was a cyclist;

    The unhappiest was a pedestrian, being verbally abused by the driver of a huge 4x4 TonkaToy;

    Couldn't you see my hand signals?

    No, you have tinted windows, in which we (there was several onlookers) can see a perfect reflection of the sky;

    The angriest had a £30,000 4x4 TonkaToy with tinted windows, and is apparently, deaf;

    Mr TonkaToy, on the quietest, widest road for miles, chose to park on the pavement

  7. poems listing updated today 🎨 🎸 πŸ™ƒ πŸ¦‰ πŸ‘©πŸ–Œ️ - and a new story (story from yonks ago, that has been hoovered and polished, will appear tomorrow about 9.30 a.m. GMT (barring accidents) ... 🐧 🐦

  8. Interesting article online today 😊🌈. The long-lived and healthiest populations don't go to the gym, or equivalent, but they do walk to shops, or grow their own food DAILY, and do their housework without an army of robotic 'labour saving' devices. All of these occupations can be enjoyable - you can see the productive results of your day. Every day


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